New York Yankees: The Agony of De-feet

Each year post season baseball highlights the ushering in of fall,
We surely deserve something more from the Pinstripers who play ball.

The days shorten by the minute, the temperature does cool,
Not unlike the Yankee bats, the Tigers do school.

Lackluster, limp and yes, anemic; what is it about the Yankees post-season?
Sportscasters, bloggers and pundits pontificate without reason.

An emotional let down for us fans; our hearts do wrench,
Those that were sluggers throughout the season are now riding the bench.

To put it mildly, the offense is in quite a slump,
Joe tried everything to light a spark; ultimately, great ones he did dump.

Where is Granderson, Cano, and the one they call Arod?
At times looking uninterested; others got the nod.

Several sessions of group psychotherapy may be the offing,
Detroit in the driver’s seat, their fans do the scoffing.

And El Capitan goes under the knife surely to acquire a screw or two,
Came up lame, an untimely injury, there was nothing he could do.

Likely a subtle hairline fracture worsened when an ankle he did roll,
His loss did take away the Yankee heart and soul.

An unexpected bright spot, 40 year old Raul Ibanez, to NY by way of Scranton,
Exciting play in several games; he left the crowd a rantin’

This is likely it for Andy P., he will pitch no more,
Cashman and the Steinbrenners decide who stays; others will be shown the door.

The top of the seventh, unfortunately for us, the season is coming to an end,
Detroit with an easy sweep; we need time to mend.

To go out this way, after a strong year, it will always be a painful reminder,
Now to focus on fantasy football, they can’t put me in a binder.

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2 Responses to New York Yankees: The Agony of De-feet

  1. Devil-T says:

    Great post! Does anyone btw know where I can get some dividers for my binder full of women. It’s hard to keep them all organized. I hated watching the Os narrowly miss advancing but since the bombers beat us I did want them to represent the AL East better than that. Defeat..imported from Detroit. Nice use of anemic too.

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