USA basketball: Nothing like gold

Reportedly, it’s worth about 220 dollars (street value about 600), yet to some it’s priceless.

Just the thought of winning one seems in itself to cause unexplainable supernatural things to occur.

Case in point, it can cause over paid millionaire professional athletes to give one another long heartfelt hugs.  I thought for a moment Haley’s comet flew by after Hades froze over when I witnessed Kobe and Lebron’s loving embrace on the sideline.

Fifteen strong.  All-stars.  Arch nemeses and opponents during the year. Smack talking at every opportunity…now all are one force with one mission.  Bring back the gold.

While we can wax on as to whether they are collectively better than the Dream Team (I am still not convinced), in the long run, does it really matter?  One thing is for sure, for the past 36 days they played as a team; they played as one with one goal in mind. They were on the same sheet of music, imagine that! They actually appeared to be having fun even as they attended and participated in practices and deferred to a college basketball coach (granted he is arguably one of the best college basketball coaches of all time) on how to execute plays as a team.

Yes, it wasn’t easy today.  No, they didn’t dominate as they had in prior games.  It was a bit of a dog fight.  Kevin Durant was on fire with 30 points but Spain’s Gasol brothers proved to be a bit of an obstacle and the officiating a bit suspect as Team USA was only ahead by one heading into the 4th quarter. But great players step up to do great things and who else but Lebron laid down a crucial dunk followed by a three point shot in the waning minutes. A win is a win no matter how close.  The gold medal is just as gold and the victory just as sweet.

It is yet to be determined what the future holds for Olympic basketball.  There has been much buzz about several things.  Will the Olympic committee continue to allow professionals to play?  What role will the NBA and David Stern play? Will they go through with a proposed age limit of 23?  Yes, things for another day.   Now for a brief moment, it is all put aside; it didn’t matter if they led the NBA in scoring or if they were on a playoff team during the season. Today, they played for one team and it was our team. 

At least for today, it was quite apparent that they were not playing for big bucks. It was about all about that 200 dollar gold medal.  They were playing for pride.  They were playing for us.

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One Response to USA basketball: Nothing like gold

  1. DrunkWino says:

    I’ve got a suggestion on the role the Stern and the gaggle of Vegas owned NBA officials can take: Sit down, shut your pieholes, and at let America enjoy the fact that there are some great players that care more about the honor of wearing the USA jersey and representing the nation in what really is the largest and oldest worldwide sporting competition around than their million dollar paychecks and the billions that the NBA makes off those players hard work and dedication.

    Just a thought.

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