Bryce Harper: No one sharper!

A Natural.

Unbridled talent.

The youngest player in the National League.

National League’s Rookie of the Month for the month of May.

Took the high road and didn’t flinch when intentionally beaned by  “veteran player”, Cole Hamels after only 8 games into his major league career.

Response: Payback time with his subsequent in your face stealing of home plate, while Hamels was busy with a pickoff move to first.

He doesn’t have to smack talk.  He does his talking on the field.

Calls out pesky reporters by refusing to answer their prying, irrelevant questions and redirecting them to matters at hand.  At such a young age, he is all about the business of baseball.

He handles himself beyond his years both on and off the field.

His feet are planted firmly on the ground…He is not blinded by the limelight; His signature thick eye black is more than to just cut the glare…it is his war paint…some would say a symbol of craziness, meant to intimidate…

With a batting average over 300, and currently on a tear, it is perhaps a little too early for an All Star position, but likely a write in option (at least by Nats fans). Whether it is a game winning walk off hit in the 12th , or a solo shot in the 2nd , the rookie phenom seems to always rise to the occasion.

Once again, it is nice to see someone not unlike Jeremy Lin, but in Harper’s case, he is a teenager; someone right out of high school, who doesn’t think the world revolves around him, who is respectful of the game of baseball and the people who play it.   He knows he has to earn his position and that time spent in the minors comes with the territory.  He is just happy to be in the show.

His supporting cast of Strasburg, Gonzalez, LaRoche and Desmond, of course, are no slouches; each well deserving of accolades in their own right.  Each have been instrumental in landing their team 4 ½ games in front of the Mets on top of NL East. 

Sweeping the Bosox, in Boston? No problem… Mixing it up with the Phillies, bring them on… But, alas the Bronx Bombers come to town this weekend for interleague play. This will be quite the test for the young Nats.  Harper is half the age of some of his opponents.  It’s doubtful he will be blinded by their light.  He likely will play with twice the heart.

At long last, the city of D.C. is a buzz with non-political excitement.  Yes, win and they will come.  Washingtonians thought Christmas came a little early with the much anticipated arrvial of RGIII …could it possibly get any better?

Now, “that’s a clown question, Bro”…

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One Response to Bryce Harper: No one sharper!

  1. Devil-T says:

    Nice piece! Particularly like half their age but twice the heart.

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