Kentucky: Unbeatable? Maybe?

Will they fall?  According to Sir Charles Barkley only the Toronto Raptors have enough talent to knock off the ferocious Wildcats.

Kansas, the underdog and come from behind second half team, likely has other thoughts on the matter.

Though arguably not playing at their best, troubled by Kidd-Gilchrist’s early foul trouble and Pitino’s full course press defense and offensive rebounding, they looked to the leadership of their all-star freshman Anthony Davis and senior Darius Miller to pull away to a win after a Cardinal surge.

Louisville fought a good fight.  Of course, we should never count Rick Pitino out, no matter what team he is coaching.  Crush-worthy, hot at 34, handsome at 59, a sartorial and coaching genius, he orchestrated an impressive run through the Big East and on to the final four where his pesky Cardinals finally succumbed last night

Kentucky, the prototypical transition team, is armed with many weapons.  With plenty of balance, talent and depth, they spread the wealth around and truly play as a team with all of their starters averaging double digits per game.  However, no one would argue that it is the 19 year-old phenome, Anthony Davis, who makes them great.  Mobile and agile, the NCAA player of the year dominates a both sides of the court.  He is a game changer who will be matched up in the finals against the Big 12 defensive player of the year, Jeff Withey who had an answer for OSU’s Jared Sullinger’s inside game.  It should make for an interesting battle round.

And then there is Kansas…A team no one expected to be there (except Kyle P., who is currently winning our basketball pool) in the end including their coach, Bill Self. 

Sure they knocked off an injury laden Tar Heel team, but I must admit I dozed off at half time for a bit after the Buckeyes had a convincing 9 point lead and I was about ready to circle OSU as the winner in my bracket.  But in true Jayhawk fashion this season, they rallied in the second half.  Another turn around, another come from behind win, thanks to a 17-4 run and OSU inability to score deep into the second half.  Led by Thomas Robinson and Elijah Johnson, Kansas out-scored and out-rebounded OSU in the second half.

Are they beatable?  Pitino thinks so but in his words it is going to take a team who has an A-plus game.  Can the Jayhawks do it?  Well, they have shown us throughout this tournament that they can.  Even if it means they come from behind, they barely win, or they win ugly, it doesn’t matter they win and are in the finals.  That being said they haven’t come up against the likes of Anthony Davis and the versatile Wildcats.  One thing is for sure, this ain’t no April fools’ joke…. They had better bring it and it better be their A game.  No, wait, better make it their A-plus game.


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