This one is for you, Jack: Win one for the Yipper!

Dear Jack, 

What an untimely and unfortunate injury!

How will we possibly do it without you?

No one to lead us out on to the court with reckless abandonment and that familiar bulldog swagger

No one to pose for pictures with adoring fans who have come from near and far

No one to spark the crowd to let out a collective: “Ahhhhh! Isn’t he cute?”

No one to show our opponents that we may be small, but we are scrappy and a force to be reckoned with 

Why did you have to show off your physicality by leaping up onto the cushy inviting sofa?

I hear tell a few of the Jesuits heard a nasty pop as you tumbled back on to the floor only to get up maimed.

Oh no, a limp! How will you possibility travel to Ohio and then on to New Orleans?

What will JTIII and crew do?

By reports, the dreaded “doggie” ACL tear, an injury that has ended many an athletes’ career.

How quickly will you mend?  Surely not in time for tip off on Friday. 

Some speculate pending the doggie orthopedic consultation, surgery most likely, followed by a 2 month recovery period including a ban on squirrel chasing.

Jack, though you will not travel with the team, we know that you will be there in spirit.  We are motivated now more than ever (to at least get past the first round this year!).  Yes, win one for Jack, our wounded warrior, our inspiration.

As you relax in the comfort of your home, you know that we will go on.  We have come to play…Because  WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

Wait, all may not be lost.  I may have “the answer” (tribute to you, AI, Are you still playing hoops in Turkey?):

Someone waiting in the wings, perhaps.

Someone who knows he has some pretty big shoes (or is that paws) to fill.  I think I can!  I think I can!

Though a mere pup…. We are confident he will do his best!


And he can slobber with the best of them!

Go Hoyas!

Dedicated to my brother, Gary and his fam, and of course, their new bulldog pup, ELVIS

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