March Madness: Dustin’ them off?…

 You bet I am!

Roughly 120 hours and 7200 minutes, but who is counting? Of course, I am.

I want to awake from my stuporous state.  I am racking up a GCS of about 4.  Yes, I open my eyes spontaneously, I am confused and disoriented and I do withdraw from painful stimuli. I have pretty much been out of it since the Giants hoisted the Lombardi trophy.  Sure, Jeremy Lin sparked my interest for awhile, got a serotonin surge, only to crash after Peyton Manning’s heartfelt news conference, which only worsened my seasonal affective disorder.  (By the end of it…Tearful, I wanted to give him the 28 million).

After a taste of the Big East tournament, I can feel it.  Things are a changing. The propofol drip has been turned off. My circadian rhythm is resetting.  A metamorphosis, if you will.  Today, rejuvenated, I sprung out of my bed without the aid of my alarm.  Tripping over piles of clothes (those who know me know I am a slob) and rushed to my closet…now where did I put them?  I seem to remember throwing them in disgust after VCU took down the Hoyas and then Butler took out Shaka.

There they were hiding behind about 10 pairs of black boots and my stacks of People and US weekly magazines, in all their glory…my  Manolo Blahniks…I waited all year; finally it is here… a reason to get me out of my UGGS and my post NFL funk.  Something that can wean me off the effexor and stop that post holiday slim-fast madness.

Yeah, that’s right….We’d be dancing!

While Championship week can be exciting in its own right, those scraping to win the conference and a bid, those on the bubble trying to tip the scales in their favor through their determined play, there is still nothing like the “True Madness”. Oh, the anticipation.   Be still my heart.  First, Selection Sunday, some we expected, others we scratch our heads and just wonder.  Then we get down to business.

While Bracketology was a course I never took in school (see SMD post 3/13/11:, I have since learned it well.  While the secrets to my success are many (see SMD post 3/15/11, there in reality is no predicting.  Teams that are suppose to run their bracket, lose in the early rounds, others come out of no where to thrill us… There is no rhyme or reason.. There is a certain fickleness to it all.  Powerhouse teams who are winners all year get tripped up and go home stunned.

Though my knees are killing me thanks to that stop watch weilding drill sergeant who re-certified me in BLS this week (yes get that…BLS), I think my patella chrondomalacia will calm down by tip off next Tuesday at least enough to slip into my Manolos.  It also happens to be the first day of NFL free agency.  Perhaps by then some lucky NFL team will be dancing with joy after Peyton announces.

I am looking forward to seeing the usuals…Calipari, Coach K, Izzo, Roy Williams, Shaka (is he turning into one of the boys?), Boeheim, JTIII, Calhoun (is U Conn making a run, never count them out…remember last year).  It may have been a year lacking in star power in general, but the usual occasional upsets and implosions (aka..Rick Pitino? What happened to Louisville?) can always be counted on.  ND got streaky knocking off ‘Cuse and others only to lose steam in the end.  Going into March Madness we don’t have the great stars like last year and years prior…the ones we couldn’t wait to tune in to watch.  We don’t have the buzz of Kemba, Jimmer, Derrick Williams, the Morris twins, or Kyrie, but then again that’s what we love about the tournament.  That’s the beauty.  We never know who is going to step up. Who will be the Cinderella? Who will put their school on the map (e.g.. Joey Rodriquez VCU last year)? 

During these upcoming few weeks, we all become fans, we relish cheering for the underdogs and we enjoy the buzzer beating wins.  Players’ names become household words and we find ourselves rooting for little known schools like George Mason, Western Kentucky, and St. Mary’s.

It is nice to see them showcase their talents in front of the whole nation; hoping for their Christian Laettner moment (Blue Devil TG that’s for you), trying to leave their mark.  While no more than a few will play in the NBA (and they know that) for a short time they are all center stage.  Yes, for a short time, they are dancing and that is all that matters.

Let the games begin.

Dedicated to my dear friend and confidante, David T, a college basketball fanatic, a Razorback, reader of my SMD blog and all around good guy.



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6 Responses to March Madness: Dustin’ them off?…

  1. Blog Surface says:

    Hey there,

    Definitely excited about March Madness as well! You mentioned the Big East tournament… That Cincy and Syracuse game was ridiculous wasn’t it? Get ready for another great tournament.

    Come check us out sometime and express your thoughts on everything sports. See you soon.

  2. NYMessfan says:

    Its easy KS-doh, no wait Syracuse Doh, UVM Catamounts? Tough bracket this year, lots of great teams. May have to violate my never bet on PAC10 or SEC teams law and go with KY. Lets dance.

  3. Devil-T says:

    And David T can shoot the three-ball too, from what you’ve told me Smash. Thanks for the Laettner reference and an overall great piece here as a pre-party for the big dance!

    • T,

      Thanks for the reply. Knew you would like the Laettner reference. Duke 2 seed..doesn’t matter Coach K is always there in the end. My Hoyas will not have a cake walk.



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