Jeremy Lin: Start spreading the news and the opportunity

All you need is a chance.

Hard work and an opportunity. 

And in his case thanks to Baron Davis’s herniated disc the opportunity presented itself

Take home message: Seize the opportunity

 He knows his strengths and weaknesses.  He admits he is not the best of athletes.  He protests that you really can’t truly appreciate what kind of player he is until you see him play a few times and watch him play as part of a team.  One on one, two on two, three on three, doesn’t tell the tale. He is not going to wow you the first time you see him. He says he is effective and knows how to play the game…And boy does he ever.

 The Tim Tebow of the NBA.  To say that NYC is riding high over the past month is an understatement….first the Giants, now the Knicks.. Excitement reins supreme.  A feel good story.

 Out of no where, over the past few weeks, a mild mannered Asian American hoops player, a Harvard economics grad, who wants to be a pastor some day, has been schooling the NBA, outscoring Kobe, out smarting his opponents, winning games with threes at the buzzer, thrilling the crowds, energizing the arenas (both home and away) and shooting the lights out…this overnight sensation has racked up so many points in his first five career starts he has surpassed the previous record held by Shaquille O’Neal.  He has had at least 20 points and seven assists in his first four starts. He is fearless on the court.

 The humble 23 year old went un-recruited out of high school.  Though he led his Palo Alto high school basketball team to a state title, Stanford had no interest.  PAC 10 schools said he could try to walk on, no scholarships came his way. Over looked by many, his scholastic aptitude and his desire not be on walk on lead him to Harvard, who unable to offer a scholarship, guaranteed he would play.  To graduate with a 3.1 GPA in economics while playing basketball speaks to his discipline and work ethic.  Overlooked again, he went undrafted by the NBA, but signed with Golden State, he was released a year later to make room for the salary cap. The Houston Rockets picked him up for a nanosecond, only to be dropped and then claimed by the Knicks off waivers at the end of December.

 Prima donna sports stars,  take note…A wake up call…show up to play or don’t show up at all.  Those of you who question the need for practice, for working hard, who show up just to collect a pay check, act out on an off the court, disrespect your coaches and fellow team mates….Your jobs are in jeopardy.  Coaches will be looking for their Jeremy Lin.

How many more Jeremy Lin’s are sitting on the bench lying in wait? They are hungry.  Perhaps someone from a Division III school, a player who has a revolving door with the D league, someone who has been overlooked for what ever reason.  Jeremy Lin has empowered these players.  He is living their dream of playing in the NBA; not only playing in the NBA but winning in the NBA.

He no longer has to sleep on the couch in his brother’s NYC apartment.  The overnight sensation is the toast of the town…Gracing the cover of SI…He gives testimony to the phrase put me in coach…He is ready to play.  He has won the hearts and minds of not only NYC (which is a monumental task in its own right) but of the nation.  

We all deserve a chance. It is what we do with our chance that defines us.

Dedicated to NY fan, Kyle P. and Leyi L. who is enjoying the lin-sanity

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5 Responses to Jeremy Lin: Start spreading the news and the opportunity

  1. B-Man says:

    “To graduate with a 3.1 GPA in economics while playing basketball speaks his discipline and work ethic.”…while I am not trying to knock him, (I am a huge Knick fan and also have Lin-Fever like the rest of them) as a fellow Ivy League grad, a 3.1 at Harvard isn’t really much to brag about. At most schools that is awesome, but the way Harvard grading works (its all on a curve), it is almost impossible to get below a B- (aka 2.7), and requires little to no effort to get a B (3.0). (the real hard part is getting an A b/c you have to stand out from all the other Harvard kid…the saying is “easy to pass, hard to excel”). That’s why when they play the opposing team the derogatory chant is “Grade Inflation! Grade Inflation!” (aka even on the basketball court Ivy Leaguers can only think about grades…)

  2. NYMessfan says:

    And more plays on words in the press than ever. Looking fwd to the mavs tomorrow, esp. if melo can get in the game now. the crossover dribble against Wall in the Wiz game is classic schooling, Lin hands him his jock-watch it on youtube if you missed it. Hey Modells-order more jerseys dudes!

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