Jim and John: Let’s hear it for the boys!

It is what it is… 

The Harbaugh brothers…are winners. 

Some don’t care for their brashness, their exuberant side line celebrations; chest bumping players; their aggressive slaps on the backs of opponent coaches,

Whatever it is about these guys that may rub you the wrong way…annoy you . They are transformer and builders..They turn players into winners.  I can not even imagine if one of them had the likes of Tebow on one of their teams.  They would be combustible, splitting atoms. . Some believe their father is the brains behind their play books…the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree….Who has it better than us? No-body… 

Their father is influential no doubt…just like the Mannings’, or if you go to a Georgetown basketball game, you will notice big John Thompson, Jr trying unsuccessfully to blend into the crowd. 

Some sons are rebellious, defiant of their fathers.  They purposefully don’t walk in the footsteps…Most trying not to listen to their inner selves, not giving in to the calling…on purpose not developing the interest though they have the proclivity given to them at birth….It is true we all have different interests but we underestimate the power of nurturing.  Of showing children that we love what we do… They to should do what they love and love what they do…. 

How did they turn into the coaches they are today?  One can not deny their parental influence…taking the opportunities given to them… Did their name open the doors for them? Sure did, but they had to be productive or they would not have continued to advance to more sought after positions in the world of coaching culminating in head coaches in the NFL..How much do they love the game?….Jim for years was an NCAA certified unpaid assistant coach at Western Kentucky helping his father with the offensive and recruiting duties.  An apprenticeship in the transition to coaching…..All NFL players do not make good coaches and he saw that he needed to start at ground level…he knew he had to pay his dues..  He worked his way up through the ranks from University of San Diego to Stanford and now the 49ers.  He has single handedly turned the teams around, working to get the best out of the players he has..Making lemonade from lemons..case in point Alex Smith and in John’s case Joe Flacco…You like to try to build your team around a strong quarterback who can put up big numbers.  While in both cases, not all stars but they manage to win, even if they rely on their defense or win ugly…it is still a win…And in both cases, while Drew, Aaron and others will be home watching today in the comfort of their living rooms both of these guys are playing for a Super Bowl berth.

 The Harbaughs got it.  A work ethic..that is something that is hard to teach…it is a learned behavior… Will there be a Harbaugh bowl? 50/50 chance… Who knows but at this point both young coaches have won the hearts and minds of their players.  They are leaders…and one of them may lead their team  to Indianapolis and a Lombardi trophy. 

 Dedicated to Mark C., a new father (for the 4th time), excellent physician and a Baltimore Ravens fan.

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2 Responses to Jim and John: Let’s hear it for the boys!

  1. Devil-T says:

    I’ve become more of a Ravens fan than a fan of the Pats though had to come a long way from my school years in NH in particular the Berry the Bears Super Bowl. Have a good feeling about John’s team today. Would love to see an overly excited back slap whichever way the game falls though. Mark C happy no doubt from Syracuse upset but this dedication is icing on the cake!

  2. NYMessfan says:

    Man the Ravens should have won. Why didn’t Harbaugh call timeout before the kick? They would have only met the Pats ultimate destiny which is to get CRUSHED by Eli and the greatest defense on the planet

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