Detroit: Motor City Madness

I don’t know much about Detroit…I know it is west of Pittsburgh; it is a financially struggling city, the home of GM, the home of Eminem, a topic of Michael Moore documentaries.. .I know that every Thanksgiving we can count on a televised Detroit Lions game and traditionally, more times than not, a televised Thanksgiving loss….Until recently not a whole lot to cheer about.

 The awakening of Detroit:

I flash back to last night, as I waited with bated breath, past my bedtime (though not a school night), for the man; the one of which much has been spoken this year.. .how would he fair against CC and my Yankees?..I missed the BoSox collapse earlier this week, I wasn’t going to miss this….Justin Verlander…watching him pitch in prime time (we rarely get to see Detroit on the East coast)….And then the rain…..Hopefully we will see this match up later in the series.. Regardless…The undisputable winners of the AL Central are on a tear (20-6 the month of September). One of the most talked about teams in the MLB. With an explosive offense lead by Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, they are more than a formidable opponent …they are dangerous.  It looks to be a great series if Mother Nature cooperates, unfortunately for me, the Tigers bats might also cooperate. 

When you are mentioned in the same breath as Drew Brees and Tom Brady, you know you have arrived and boy has he ever…Matthew Stafford.  Putting up numbers rivaling all others, he has led the so far, unbeaten Lions in a tough NFC North to an exciting start this NFL season.  One of his targets, some would argue the best receiver in the NFL, a beast of a player, is Calvin Johnson.  Some initially thought they were a fluke, now they are respected. The Lions are for real. Detroit fans’ turkey dinners are sure to go down a little easier this year. No little purple pill needed.

What of the Pistons?  Who knows?  For that matter, the NBA doesn’t even know….

The Red Wings…..always contenders…a winning tradition. If things continue on pace for the Lions and Tigers, (and we’re scared! oh my!) the Red Wings may have some company this year.

As we wait for this slow, almost non-existent financial recovery to occur, we recognize that Detroit has struggled mightily.  This hard hit city needs a well deserved break, something to cheer about; something good to happen to them. A morale booster.. Perhaps to play host to a World Series?  An NFC championship game?  As I said I really don’t know much about Detroit, but I do know one thing…any city that elects basketball great, Dave Bing their Mayor can’t be all bad……

Good Luck, Detroit…

Dedicated to my good friend and Detroit native, Michael B., a Critical Care physician, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.

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4 Responses to Detroit: Motor City Madness

  1. Bobby Garner says:

    A nice post about Detroit!!!

  2. TQ says:

    Detroit is the new Boston! I’m becoming a Lions believer, especially after trashing the Cowboys today. Good shout out for Detroit, a city that could really use a shot in the arm… TQ

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