The Summer of Sports: Forces of Nature

As we hunker down for Irene who by all accounts has put a damper on our remaining summer days; our last weekend of summer plans thwarted, we wonder where did the summer go?   As I anxiously await my upcoming fantasy football draft and next week’s college football while held hostage in my house secondary to torrential rain and winds, I can’t help but reflect on the highs and lows of this summer of sports. 

The Mavericks: Started it all off with an underdog sweet win over the Heat lead by indestructible Dirk and an aging team.

NFL Lockout:  Thank goodness settled.  We ARE ready for some football.

NBA Lockout:  Not so much.  Players fleeing toEurope.  More to follow.

Rory McIlroy:  Young Irish newbie convincingly takes a major: US Open

Roger Clemens:  A mistrial?  This case just needs to go away already.

Jim Tressel:  Does the right thing and leaves OSU and hopefully takes that sweater vest with him.  Sure to resurface in another few years coaching another NCAA power house.

Derek Jeter:  Reaches 3000 hits and does it the Jeter way (is there any other) with a timely and perfectly scripted home run.

Derek Jeter Again:  No longer engaged!  All us single ladies rejoice!

Joey Chestnut: TheConey Island hot dog eating king once again; makes me nauseous every time I look at a hot dog

The Great Brawl of China:  Doesn’t do much for international relations but perhaps gave the young Hoyas {atleast for 48hours} the reputation of being bad boys. Not afraid to mix it up maybe it will carry over to the Big East.

Albert Haynesworth: Gone but not forgot; seems he is back in DC for court proceedings more than he is on the field in New England.  This leopard ain’t changing his spots, he can’t even rearrange them.  Good luck with this one, Belichick.

Mother Nature has been very unpredictable, not to mention fickle this summer, as she manages to steal away our final hours of summer. But whether you are sandbagging your basement or trying to figure out if what you just experienced was actually an earthquake, one thing you can count on each summer, one thing that is predictable is that the Yankees and the Red Sox will always make things interesting in the home stretch’ in those dog days of summer.

If you are someone (like me) who is in not in the television viewing area or can’t get the YES network on your local cable network, you either have been staying up late to watch Sports Center or quickly check the scores in the morning to find out who’s in first in the AL East.

It’s been quite a record breaking week (unprecedented forces of nature):  An earthquake, a hurricane…3 grand slams…While the Yanks are trying to hold on with their inconsistent and lack of depth pitching, their bats are keeping them alive in the race. In the usual Yankee way, they entered the record books once again the other night with a recorded 3 grand slams in their win over the Oakland A’s.  Over of the years, we are used to hearing such feats of strength being carried out by players like Teixeria, Arod, Jeter, or Posada.  That was not the case the other night when Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin and Robinson Cano did the honors helping the Yanks rack up a jaw dropping 22 runs.  Their collective ability to explode offensively makes them such a dangerous team and a force to be reckoned with.  They will have to continue to rely heavily on the “new members” of their line up.  When Jorge is playing second base, you know that things have changed for the pinstripes. Joe G. is strategizing; trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat.  Perhaps he can pull a few pitchers out of that hat.  He will need them. As September quickly approaches as does Irene and the summer days are slipping away, the Red Sox aren’t going anywhere. They have the Yankees number this year…just like every summer.  It wouldn’t be summer if they didn’t.

Stay dry!

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5 Responses to The Summer of Sports: Forces of Nature

  1. Rahim says:

    That was fantastic! Hopefully we will be watching football this time tomorrow!

  2. TQ says:

    Good one SMD, except all that sappy stuff about the Yanks, yuk!!! Just kidding, I’m just a jealous O’s fan. Jeter is a class act, I will give the Yanks that one. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the AL representative in the World Series isn’t going to be either the Sawx or the pinstripers. Watch out for the Tigers and Verlander, bringing it on strong.

  3. NYMessFan says:

    No mention of Jesus Montero-shame on you. Even better-plax is back from jail, Peyton may not start, the freakin Falcons may be the team to beat. Football is back baby!!!!

    • MYMess Fan,

      Hope you can get NFL network in Peru. Didn’t forget Plax acutally drafted him on my fantasy football team. I am such a sucker.
      Peyton with his cervical disc disease may be out for quite some time. Under estimated Cspine surgery, could be slow recovery. Yeah, Atlanta looks dangerous. The Redskins as usual didn’t put their efforts into finding a QB. See how they do against your Giants this weekend. CAn’t wait!!!!


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