Dirk: Indestructible you

The Mavs were crafty at hiding it….I hear tell he played through a fever last night….not one of those low grade occurrences (those weenie ones) like I hear on a daily basis from people.  Those that tell me they had a fever of 99 degrees and I tell them I don’t consider that a fever, their predictable response…” well that’s a fever for me”..No Dirk did it right…El Caliente…A respectable temp of 102..one that will make you sit up and take notice..  Blow your hair back.

 News flash! The superstar was ailing…

 Was it Ebola?  Rift Valley fever, perhaps?  A healthy case of rabies (he was sure playing like he was rabid).  Illness was attributed to a sinusitis..that is quite a sinusitis.  

 Internal combustion….Being catabolic only fuels him more….This 7 footer is “strong like bull”…

 Nothing deters this guy. Whether it is a fever to 102 and near prostration or an injured flexor tendon on his shooting hand…he is unstoppable.  Bruised and battered, he has managed to average 26 points a game and continue his rebounding prowess during the series.  Inside game, outside game he has it all.  What a shot, what a follow through.

Delirious but determined, he was able to overcome his symptoms and turn it on in the 4th quarter when the Mavs needed him most in crucial Game 4..  Scoring 10 of his 21 points in the fourth, he managed to make an unexpected lay-up with less than two minutes remaining to give them the lead and they never looked back.  His exhaustion was palpable.  He left it all on the court.

It’s amazing what the young conditioned athlete can do even when he is hurting.  When several of the Heat were asked if he knew Dirk was playing ill, they he had no clue.

With play like this and a tied series, television ratings are at an all time.  It is anybody’s series.  No need to tune in each night until the last 2 minutes when we have seen the most exciting play…no blow outs in this series.

More to come from these guys.  No doubt.  Defensive play is the name of the game.  It has been a hard fought series.  Dirk will be back tomorrow with a lingering sniffle, defervesced and ready to go like nothing ever happened.  Will it be his year?  May not get another chance..the Heat are young and will likely be back.

The pundits pontificate on an on about whether one player can do it all? One player can’t single handedly win a championship and that would include Dirk Nowitzki…Even Dirk needs a supporting cast, or does he?  I am beginning to wonder…  

 *Dedicated to my Infectious Diseases colleagues

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4 Responses to Dirk: Indestructible you

  1. TQ says:

    If the Mavs win this series (and I now think that’s a long shot thanks to DeShawn Stevenson poking a finger in LeBron’s eye — watch for LeBron to throw up 40 tonight), Dirk may go down in the lore a la Curt Schilling with his bloody ankle… That’s my take. Anytime you combine Ebola and sports is a good entry BTW.

    • TQ,
      Thanks for your response. I think you are right…don’t provoke Lebron. They are saying he is down and out….alittle premature. I think it was Bosh who got his eye near poked out..

      BTW: seeing he is still alive…I was wrong with my dx…I guess it was not Ebola..more likely a little touch of H1N1 as you know transmissible via kissing swine.

      Thanks for reading!

      Your pal,


  2. Timothy Bladel says:

    Mavs are going to get this, and Labron 40 in a finales game, you kidding me. Ha, thats funny stuff there.

  3. MGL says:

    Lebron can not do it. Not in this serious. Mock was also so wrong. I thought they are professional basketball players.

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