LeBron: Love him or Hate him: He is the King

And he ruled the court these past two weeks.  There is no doubt.

Showcasing his talents as he cooly and matter of factly came from behind in the waning minutes night after night to knock off the stunned Bulls.  You can feel his presence as you watch him play; the Bulls could feel his presence.  He was like a shark circling. You kind of knew the game was never over even when Bulls had a lead of 10 or greater.  A self fulfilled prophecy every night.  They were going to win; there was no two ways about it.

 His performance, his domination prompted Scottie Pippen to prematurely declare to the basketball nation:  LeBron will make us all forget about MJ.

Personally, I was once a fan of this phenom, this force of nature, during his days with Cleveland.  Like so many, we wanted to see him win.  We cheered him on , We were on his side.  Why the change?  Why did the masses turn on him?  The King of Cleveland betrayed his subjects, his fans near and far.  It has to do with loyalty, loyalty to a team, loyalty to a city.  We tend to turn on people who are not loyal.  People who give up on us.  People who get us excited about something, but then let us down when they put themselves first or don’t come through as promised or as we expected.   He had won the hearts and minds of Cleveland and most other basketball fans across the country. But, he wanted his ring and he wanted it now.  What is the rush?  In today’s world,  with today’s culture there is no delayed gratification.  I want what I want and I want it now.  Do we blame him?  Realistically, he didn’t think he was going to win a championship any time soon in Cleveland.  The writing was on the wall…time to move on? He had the luxury of choosing his path to the championship.  He wanted to get there on his terms…sooner rather than later….

 He is a once in a lifetime talent.  Why can’t we be happy for him?  Why the haters?  I think most admired him when he was at Cleveland; a home town prodigy awakening a city where the hopes of a championship were along time coming.

 Will we forgive him?  Some will, some won’t.  To the South Beach faithful there is no need to.. he is the King.  He is royalty.

 LeBron seems to be focused on the haters.  Brings the topic up it seems almost daily, slightly ambivalent he protests that they (the Big Three) don’t care.  They like that the fans dislike them.  I think the King doth protests too much!  He does care.  It’s human nature to want to be liked.  He wants to be idolized like Michael. 

 One thing is for sure, LeBron is on a mission.  Playing with a chip on his shoulder…a jilted MVP?  History teaches us (as does a smart second year Internal Medicine resident) that the best player in game in any particular year may not necessarily be crowned the MVP.

 He took care of D-Rose and company, now on to Dirk, another formidable opponent.  He will do it single handedly if he has to.  The Mavs: a different style of play, one more obstacle to the crown.  The King will not be denied.

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18 Responses to LeBron: Love him or Hate him: He is the King

  1. joe g.i. says:

    Hell Yeah

  2. Lebron James says:

    Thanks man. I love your photo. I just wallpapered it!

  3. EmiNarcissus says:

    Bron & DWade play well. But I’m on Dallas since 03, they(esp Dirk&Kidd) were extremely thirsty for this champ~ But Bron does have more pressure on him to get for this even if their chemical still not perfect. Bosh’s performance stability just doesn’t look like a star at all!

    • Thanks for your comments. Bosh has been streaky, but stepping up more. Never know if he is going to show up. Dirk won’t have many opportunites left. We will see if he continues his insane play. Should be a good one.


    • Dom says:

      Have you watched the playoffs? HE also averaged 24 and 11 last yr in toronto and as a 3rd wheel got 19 and 9 this yr in miami i think? Bosh is an allstar, not a superstar. He is a great player who is getting better.

  4. Chris says:

    Intriguing article.

    I just wanted to say that Lebron gave Cleveland 7 years to get him a legitimate number 2.
    Here’s a run down of teams that have had a superstar and his number two over the past 30 years…

    Lakers part 1 – Magic, Kareem, Worthy (all Hall of Famers, plus a great supporting cast)
    Celtics part 1 – Bird, McHale, Parrish (all Hall of Famers, plus a great supporting cast)
    Pistons part 1 – Thomas, Rodman, Lambeer (again HOFs, plus a great supporting cast)
    Bulls part 1 – Jordan, Pippen (both HOFs, plus a great supporting cast)
    Rockets – Olajauwon, Cassell, Horry, Drexler (2 HOFs, plus VERY VERY good supporting cast)
    Bulls part 2 – Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc (3 HOFs plus the best Euro in the world, plus the best 3 pt shooter in Kerr)
    Spurs parts 1, 2, 3, 4 – Robinson, Duncan, Ginobli, Parker, (3 HOFs plus a potential one in Tony Parker)
    Lakers part 2 – Shaq, Kobe (2 HOFs & great cast)
    Pistons part 2 – 4 Legit All-Stars playing in their primes plus a disfunctional Lakers team
    Boston part 2 – Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Rondo (more than likely these 4 will be HOFs)
    Lakers part 3 – Kobe, Gasol (2 HOFs and a good supporting cast)

    I don’t think it’s even arguable that the King had anything close to the help that these teams had. Here’s a question I ask myself:

    “In those 7 years Lebron was in Cleveland, who was his legit number 2?”

    Mo Williams? Antwawn Jamison? Carlos Boozer? I mean really…

    And Lebron’s decision wasn’t justified now that we see the Heat in the Finals… it was justified when we saw Cleveland lose 24+ straight games in a row.

    And by the way, all of those teams I listed above, their stars demanded help or it was already in place because of the expectations of the franchise AND they won titles.

    Oh and just to focus on another good point in your posting, I don’t blame Lebron focusing on the haters, it’s nothing new. All of the greats have focused on the negativity. Just like those in the tops of other professions focus on the negativity. It drives them. It’s powerful motivation.

    Kudos to Lebron for making a tough call, but he made the right call. Personally, I’ve been to Cleveland — not impressed. I’ve got several friends who live here in Florida (Tampa) from Cleveland. I ask them why don’t stay in Cleveland.. you’re pulling a Lebron…. they too feel that Cleveland sucks.

    I like your style, and again, I simply want to say, Lebron gave Cleveland 7 years, and they surrounded him with garbage. Reminds me of another sorry Franchise that wasted away the prime of its greatest athlete — the Detroit Lions. When Barry Sanders demanded that they give him a legit QB and better players, they balked at him. So he retired. Power to the elite players in situations like those.

    • Wow, Chris, thanks for your feedback and schooling. I agree 100% with you about LeBron and lack of supporting cast in Celeveland. I think if they had one last chance it was the 2009-2010 season and I agree with support that included Delonte West, Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, Ilgauskus, LeBron had to be on top of his game every game. I think everyone expected him not to return to Cleveland when he took off his shirt on the way out of the arena after losing to the Celtics. It spoke volumes. I have always liked Mike Brown, we will see what he does in LA LA land. Regardless of where LeBron plays he is still the best all around player in the NBA. He elevates his game when he has to and is a true phenom.

      Thanks for reading!


    • Rick says:

      fact: jordan won his championship with pippen who is one of hell of a player that was an allstar and thats it….rodman an allstar in defense but for three years!!!

      fiction: james and wade are both superstars doing it together taking advantage and with an other all-star bosh!!

      so please never say jordan did it 2…..more like jordan built it!!

      • Dom says:

        Rick. Pippen is 1 of the greatest 50 of all time. Rodman was an allstar the best defensive forward in the history of basketball. kucoc was an allstar. This says it all. Last summer, where 3 years ahead of time people knew all the free agents coming out, clev was capped out. Lebron was stuck with that team while other east teams were getting better. WHY WOULD HE STAY????? Anyone would have left. Shaq left orlando for LA in 1996 and he didnt get blasted. HE HAD PENNY HARDAWAY in his prime with him. That was bad, but lebron had a 19 win lottery team………….they are a horrible team, the guy would have had no legacy and NEVER 1 RING in cleveland.

      • Wes says:

        I’m pretty sure I read this exact same comment from multiple people on some blogs the other day on ESPN. At least be original….

    • Slash475 says:

      You list the 94 Rockets team(I’m assuming so at least because you just say Rockets) with Cassell and Horry when they were in their Rookie and Sophomore seasons. I would be willing to say that those 2(as a year 1 and 2 player) are comparable to Mo Williams, Antawn, Shaq and co. You then list Clyde Drexler when he came during their 2nd Championship season in ’95. You don’t need 2 super stars to win and that team proved it(although they are a lone exception). Lebron had enough built around him to win, he just couldn’t do this. 12 teams in the history of the NBA had won 66+ games in a season, including Cavs 08-09. You can not tell me that Lebron alone was the reason for those 66 wins, and if they are 1 of only 12(out of hundreds of teams throughout the history of the NBA) to ever reach this feat, that he didn’t have the help.

      • Dom says:

        ARE YOU INSANE??? Mo williams and antwan jamison?? THEY WON 19 GAMES THIS YR. DID YOU NOT SEE THE NBA SEASON?????????????/ They were a lottery team every year, not just this yr. He was that good. …………..YOU ARE A NUTTY FANATIC………….GET OVER IT> THEY WERE A BAD BASKETBALL TEAM. Mo, Big Z, Varejo, Antwan, Old Shaq, delonte. Role players Say the word. ROLE PLAYERS

  5. Aric says:

    Wanted to comment and say good post.

    In our current way of viewing athletes, we put them on this pedestal where it is so easy to fall and the only way to get back to top is to prove you’re the best to force people to watch you. Kobe Bryant hasn’t exactly been the best role model over the years. In several cases he has even angered his own fans, yet the majority of the people love him at this moment. It’s the excellence that is the most important for superstars. If LeBron were to win 3 straight championships, the overall fan base would flock back to him. (excluding most Cleveland fans, they really hate the guy)

    I think it’s important for people to take a step back and understand he’s human and has his own personal goals. To deny him of that is selfish. I loved him in Cleveland and it saddens me to see him lose his charisma from the fan fallout. It’s all business now. I think people should enjoy his incredible talents that keep the NBA so interesting to watch, specially in those last two minutes.

    • Thanks for your comments. Very well put. People love a winner… you are right with time his fans will be back (all but Cleveland)

      It should be an exciting series. only a few hours to tip off


    • Dom says:

      Kobe demanded a trade a few mo’s before they got him Pao Gasol. Even Kobe was willing to leave LA and he had 3 rings already. STARS want to win.

  6. John Smith says:

    Lebron never would have won a title with Cleveland. They were simply too incompetent. Trading for a 37 year old Shaq and a 33 year old Jamison is supposed to be “help” ? More like the Cavs were trying to trade for former big names past their prime to get Lebron to stay so they could sell out Quicken night in and night out.

    I really do feel sorry for Irving, Williams, or whoever the Cavs get in this year’s draft. The only absolute certainty for any player drafted by the Cavs is they have no chance of winning a ring in their first 7 years with the team.

  7. C. Beecher says:

    I LOVE LEBRON!!!! Haters need to get a life. LBJ is King!

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