Go Time: Will the Heat cause the Rose to wilt?

Bull, I say…

 As we wait with anticipation, it is time for them to put their money where their mouth is….A by product of the mastermind, Pat Riley, who brokered the deal to bring the Big Three together, their expensive talent is scary and lethal.  Actually, there should be a city ordnance against such talent inhabiting the same arena.  Their star power brilliance can burn your retina; rivals looking directly at sports report Craig Sager’s sport coats.  Are they beatable? 

They have been in the past… it is doable.  We are about to find out…

 The Bulls may need a dozen Roses, a pricy purchase, this go round.  Though they swept the Heat earlier this season, it was during the time the King was not at full force; he was a bit gimpy as he nursed an ankle injury.  This is a different day and a different time.  The Heat is in sync and looking unstoppable.  The Bulls will not only need the lightning quick Rose to play his usual extraordinary game, but his supporting cast needs to kick it up a notch.  Boozer, Noah, Gibson, Korver and Deng…  Unfortunately, one never knows which Boozer is going to show up.  Though looking good and playing up to his potential in the final game against the Hawks, can he keep it up?  His defense and scoring will be much needed against Lebron and company.  His inconsistency, though in part attributed to injury, is worrisome. They need this big man to play tough.  The whacky pony-tailed Gator Noah is quick and plays with heart; not afraid to draw the foul. He will add to the entourage who need to continue to control the boards, in particular the offensive rebounding.  Rose needs the help from everyone.  It will be difficult for him to carry the team against a smokin Heat.

 The Big Three have combined for a crazy number of points scored.  Each with an individual effort, though Bosh has been absent for most of the series, except for the last game.  Defensively, they are in for quite a challenged, trying to stop the interior scoring of the Bulls.

 The most anticipate match up will likely be Rose and D-Wade.  Both Chicago natives, you can’t help but wonder if there might be something personal gonna happen as a side bar.  Both, no doubt, will be trying to bring it; out to put on their best show for their peeps; a little one up-manship.  Who isChicago’s favorite son?  Outside of Wilbon, of course…

 Overall, we will see if the talent of the Big Three can mesh together as one and play not as individuals but as a team.  The Bulls, considered the underdog by most, will need to augment their Rose.  He can not stand alone.    Doing so, they will put together a lovely arrangement; a bouquet to be admired.  Though, the Heat should remember that every Rose has a thorn…They will meet a formidable opponent in the Bulls.  We are in for a good one.  Hopefully, a breathtaking series.

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4 Responses to Go Time: Will the Heat cause the Rose to wilt?

  1. Benny the Bull says:

    Bulls win in 6

    Rose > Heatles

  2. Rob says:

    how do you feel about the matchup after the 1st game?

    i thought the Bulls did a good job not relying on Rose to make all the points.

    We’ll see today how the Heat’s adjustments will work

    • Agree completely. The Bulls had a team effort orchestrated by Rose, though it is not over by a long shot. Tip off in a half hour..can’t wait.

      Thanks for your thoughts and for reading the posting.

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