Rondo: we all should dislocate

Pop, not only the sound of Rondo’s elbow slipping back into anatomical position but also the sound of these teams mixing it up under the boards.  “Shorty is one tough dude”, the words of teammate, Kevin Garnett.

Battered, beaten but not down and out, Bostonlooked sharp coming out in the first half .  There is no question if Rondo can play, he is playing admirably; he hasn’t missed a beat. One would have never guessed that his epicondyles were bruised and displaced.  Once it snaps back in you’re good to go…not like a Bert Jones rotator cuff injury or an unhappy triad of many an athlete.

While it is only half-time, the Celtics have shown the Heat that it is not over yet.  The thrilling three (James, Bosh and Wade) are present as always.

Every Celtic is stepping up: from St. Joe’s  Delonte West’s aggressive defense and spot on outside shooting to Jermaine O’Neil’s tip ins.  Jeff Green, former Hoya, and Big Baby Davis, are a defensive force coming off the bench.  Pesky Paul Pierce continues to torment the King.  KG is obviously hurting but exerting, detemined and tierd.

 Both benches are deep with experienced players.  While some may say the Celtics are old, they are loaded with talent and the Garden is full of excitement.  It is enough to make us miss the paso doble being danced by the karate kid on DWTS. The Celtics are here to play.  And while it breaks our hearts to watch an aging beat up Shaq play, but a shadow of his yester-year self, it is good to see him back on the court.  Because we all know that great centers don’t die,  they just “Wilt” away.  It is just sad to see him struggle as he tries to contribute to a win.

 The night is young.  There are still minutes to be played.  Will experience trump youth?  We hope so.  We don’t want to see our aging stars go out without a fight.  We need to see them play just one more game; just one more, not only for themselves, but more selfishly for all of us.

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