A Rose by any other name

Likely will not smell as sweet…

We have been spoiled with the consistent play of heir apparent MVP, Derrick Rose throughout the season and duringChicago’s early playoffs games.  An NBA all-star, he has led the Bulls to the best record in the NBA this season.  He has been the play maker and the glue of this team.  It remains to be seen whether the ankle injury he sustained early in today’s game will be a factor during the rest of the playoffs.  He has had to deal with a formableIndianadefense.  He may be tiring

 While the Bulls once again put on another impressive late come from behind surge in the waning minutes, they had some lackluster play for most of the game.  Their opportunity to clinch today slipped away thanks in part to their own sloppy play and the defensive play of the Pacers.  Shots that wouldn’t drop or where blocked, tough defense, forced turnovers and an injured Derrick Rose all factored in.    

Surging back thanks in large part to the play of Noah, who was playing with 5 fouls, and Korver, one could question why Boozer (though open) took the final 3 point shot in attempts to tie the game.  It’s reported those more skilled in shooting 3’s, Korver and Deng, weren’t open or Noah just couldn’t find them.

 The rebuilt Pacers have an interesting eclectic team of one time college basketball stars….Mike Dunleavy, who couldn’t make a foul shot today if his life depended on it, Hansbrough, the one time Hoya, Hibbert, A.J. Price, Dahntay Jones, McRoberts, Granger.  All young and playing tough, gritty basketball are hanging tough with the Bulls. Making them work for a win.

But Rose has been the story…not only in the playoffs but ever since he entered the NBA in 2008 and landed back in his hometown of Chicago.  He has brought a winning spirit to the Bulls not seen since the Jordan years.  Rose’s play all year has been characterized by high scoring, accuracy, assists and consistency.  He has a mental toughness.  He will shake off an ankle sprain.  Will the all star Rose have it in him to lead the Bulls back to a playoff win?  I suspect he will. Chicago suspects he will.  He won’t slump now.  He will bloom again.  It’s his nature.

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