“Ovie”: An Imported Treasure

30 minutes until the puck drops….

 He is on a mission.  He has fire in his belly.  He wants to prove the doubters wrong.  After the Washington Capitals imploded last year during the first round of the playoffs when favored to win the Stanley Cup, Alex Ovechin was waiting for another chance, another time…a time for redemption.  Not only redemption for his team and his coach but for the city of Washington, D.C.

 Ovie is off to a good start with a goal in the first game of the series against the Rangers and an assist in a nail biting overtime 2-1 win. He is easily recognized on the ice as he is smoking fast, the back of his jersey is frequently tucked in and needless to say he is usually found in the middle of the action around the goal.  With his signature toothless grin, his style of play has been labeled reckless at times by some.   Criticized for cheap shots, dirty play and his exuberant post-goal celebration, one thing can be said with certain he has stepped up his play over the past month and he is in the zone. 

 The first game of the series was a defensive battle, hard fought and loaded with blocked shots.   Tough defense has been the hallmark of the Caps most recent play and will likely dominate the series as both teams are physical and evenly matched in this regard.

 Washington D.C is due for a win.  Lately things seem more awry than usual:  Of course, They can’t vote yet are taxed through the nose; legislation is thrust upon them; the new mayor, city council and administration have created some early embarrassing faux pas, the metro system constantly has problems, microphones are left on, protesters line the streets on a daily basis and they got a bickering bunch of law makers in their backyard.

 Maybe Ovie can help…  Give us something to cheer about for a change.  A hat trick would be nice.

Rock the Red!

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