Declaring for the NBA draft: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Should I stay or should I go?

 It seems like everyone and their brother is announcing they will enter the NBA draft.

 Kyrie Irving, Blue Devil for a nanosecond, hurt a substantial portion of the season, Kemba Walker (at least he finished his studies early), The Morris twins, Isiah Thomas, Shelvin Mack, Derrick Williams…the list goes on and on……Anyone who had a showing during the tournament; though all gifted players, all underclassmen.

Money talks and timing is everything…

Quick before my stock falls…aka.. Tyler Hansbrough, Kyle Singler (maybe waited a little too long)   So many will declare, several will sign; few will make it in the NBA.

Can we really blame them? They get obscene amounts of money waved at them.  It is reported that every year they remain in college they potentially lose earnings in the NBA.  They probably make the most amount of their lifelong earning early in their careers. Their careers are short.  Some bank on retuning to school and leading their team to a national championship and potentially their stock will rise.  Going higher in the draft = more money.  On the other hand, maybe they will get hurt if they stay for another year, maybe they will flame out? The time is now?

They are faced with other uncertainties: other competition: namely international players who enter the draft.   If they don’t get drafted, they are unable to go back to school to play.  What next?  Will they show up at various NBA summer camps for try outs in hopes of making the team?  Take their talent overseas?  Play in the NBA D league?

Some (aka.. Charles Barkley) say stay in school and get your degree, mature as a player, develop your skills, allow yourself to be coached, win a national championship, the money will always be there.  But will it be? With the upcoming NBA collective bargaining agreement looming and the NBA owners today announcing they favor at least 2 years of college before entering the draft, things may change drastically for these young players.  They know this.  Uncertainty looms. Guided by advice of agents, family and financial needs many opt not to wait.  They can finish school and get a degree at another time (if at all).

Despite all of this, the traditionalist and headstrong will say (the right answer is) stay in school. Where is the dedication to team mates and loyalty to your school and for that matter honoring your scholarship and commitment to play?  This has all gone by the wayside.  Many enter college knowing from the get go that they are “one and done”. The reality of the situation is if someone can make more money in one year doing something they love then say in a lifetime in another profession, seems like a no brainer.  The NBA (and other professional sports) has created a monster.  

What’s in it for a player to stay another year in school?Priorities have shifted, education takes a back seat.  Reason to go to school….kill the time, the obligatory year, before entering the draft and maybe win a conference title or a championship along the way to the NBA.

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