Young Gun: Rory is the story

There are many kinds of jackets: the full metal type, the smoking, the double breasted, the classic bolero, but none is as recognized or for that matter as coveted as the green jacket.  Its color almost rivals the manicured greens of Augusta.  Is it attainable?  Who will Phil Mickelson anoint?

The highlight of the opening rounds of the Masters: it looks like a newbie is teaching the others a thing or two about golf.  A star is quickly rising. 

The 21-year old floppy haired Irishman, Rory McIlroy, baby-faced, most would consider a hottie, shy and demure during TV interviews, is to put it mildly: tearing up the greens.  He shot a jaw dropping seven under par 65 during the first round to make people sit up and take notice.  While early in the tournament, he is still well ahead of the competition favorites: Phil, K.J. Ricky, Tiger, Lee, Ernie, Sergio.

 It is refreshing to see the young and pure, untainted with  scandal (the wildest thing he is guilty of is getting a little loud outside his rental home in Augusta during a football game)…a natural talent with impeccable form, perfect swing, beautifully balanced..

We can only wonder if he can hold on and stay off those on his heels. A surging Tiger.  He seems unflappable, adaptable; all attributes of youth.  He is so carefree, oblivious to the cheering masses, the government shut-down.  He doesn’t think too hard.  His play seems effortless, though admits that is not the case.  He said in an interview that he is a “quick learner”…more like a teacher, playing like a veteran

 His age may prove to be a double edge sword.  Will his relative inexperience on such a big stage catch up with him, his concentration and patience wane to allow others (the veterans) to advance or will he continue to play with his youthful enthusiasm and reckless abandonment?   We can only hope it will be the later.  History may be made this weekend.  Wouldn’t that green jacket suit Rory just fine?  It would compliment his eyes.

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