Final Four: MAC-attack vs J-Rod

To win it all, many will argue a team needs a smart, seasoned point guard.  In fact, I hear tell many a team asks for one for Christmas.   They can make you or break you.  Just ask the Hoyas.. when Chris Wright went out with an injury (I still have PTSD) and they promptly imploded.  As we wait with great anticipation for the match up of the two “Are you kidding me?” teams: VCU and Butler, we wonder which point guard will shine…who will show up or better yet put on a show? Who will successfully orchestrate their offense into the championship game?  The maestro.. 

 Both of the guards are no doubt capable…

Will it be Shelvin Mack, who emerged bloodied and bruised from the Florida game after leading the Bulldogs to another heart stopping victory that caused many an ICD (that’s’ for you, G) to fire?  Trading 3’s with Florida’s Ervin Walker in the waning seconds of over time, his performance was blistering. Mack has excitingly stepped up during the tourney to put up a lot of points and while Butler is best known for its defensive winning ways, Mack has been on fire offensively.  Arguably, Howard has been the player to watch given his quirkiness and huge presence, but Mack has been clutch when the Bulldogs have needed him most. 

In the other corner, the diminutive 5’10” (yeah, sure) Joey Rodriguez, taunted (literally) by the towering Kansas Morris twins, he did not falter…if anything he make it look easy…He brought them down with a mighty thud…the playmaker, the un-selfish director, the heart of the VCU Rams.  What else do we like about him?  His exciting bounce passes, his ability to find the open man, to get the ball in to the middle and set up his team mates; he makes those around him look good…he gets everyone involved.  He tirelessly sprints up and down the court; it’s like he just had 10 lattes with a few extra shots of espresso. He is an annoyance to his opponents…not afraid to mix it up, he frequently out of no where comes up with a rebound.  He is a smart player, a quick player, a player’s player, He anticipates the next move.  He is strategist.   VCU is glad he didn’t transfer back to Florida…we all are (all of us but Butler)…

72 hours and counting…These teams have arrived, Butler barely here but, no matter, they are here…VCU convincingly here. VCU is riding such a high they don’t need a plane to get to Houston. We can only hope the game will live up to our expectations. It should make for a great show and may the best point guard lead their team to a win…to the winner go the spoils.. But what else could they want? They are already dancing in Louboutins… (see last posting)

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