Bracket Secrets: How to consistently win your March Madness pool

Hi everyone!

As I wait with breath that is baited (that’s for you TG) for the first tip-off, I will share some of the secrets to the success that I have had in the March madness pools over the years…

I knew something was up when people were avoiding me in the halls.  My emails were being ignored.  Groups of my colleagues would quickly change the subject when they saw me coming. When I brought up the topic, people ignored me…I got one response that they weren’t adding anyone “new this year” to their pool… I smelled a rat…there were rumors going around that I was a dreaded “ringer”..

I was being blackballed..Maybe it was because each year I managed to blow the field away, happily collecting my winnings just in time for the Nordstrom spring shoe sale..

Such is the life of Smash Mouth Diva… Finally someone sheepishly approached me and asked…”Smash Mouth Diva, how do you do it?, how do you manage to win the pool each year?; What is your secret?”

They wonder do I spend hundreds of hours “getting in the weeds” rigorously studying the team’s  shooting percentages, their RPI’s, how they stacked up against the top 25? what is their in conference record? Are they on a winning streak? Which players are hurt?  What is Austin Freeman’s Hgb a1c? Has Chris Wright been successfully pinned (even though my brother wasn’t the hand surgeon that did the procedure) and ready to play? 

Do they live and die by the 3? Is their mantra” Give me the Princeton offense or give me death” ? Are they dedicated to the 2-3 zone defense at all costs?

Is it based on my indepth scrutiny of the coach’s sense of style and wardrobe?

I must say it is none of the above. 

The secret to my success is:bracket1

It hasn’t failed me yet!

Thanks, TQ for the cartoon from 6 years ago when I won the pool quite easily if I recall correctly.  I still wear the boots I bought with the loot.

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4 Responses to Bracket Secrets: How to consistently win your March Madness pool

  1. TQ says:

    SMD – so THAT’s how it’s done! I just submitted my sheet of integrity, now I have to submit another! P.S. as I recall, you have won every pool pretty easily… we are mere pawns. TQ

    • TQ,

      I saved the cartoon, just took the names off the slide to protect the innocent (oops I mean the losers). Didn’t want to display the point differences so they didn’t have to relive the pain.

  2. NYMessfan says:

    most important dont trust “pundits” I saw some dips$%t say wisconsin is going to the final 4-yeah right. game on an yes I did pick LIU over UNC-we’ll see who is mad

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