Bracketology: a course I never took in school

Selection Sunday, Oh what a fun day!

 As I sit here struggling to fill out my bracket, I wish it came with an instruction packet

 Choosing the field of 68, there seems to be no rhyme or reason, controversies abound, but ‘tis the season

 It is all left up to the NCAA selection committee; it seems deserving teams they didn’t show pity

 What’s up with Sir Charles and Kenny giving their slant, some deal with TNT who didn’t say they can’t

 How unusual to hear them try to pontificate, not as comfortable with college hoops, others on the panel seem to suffocate.

 No surprise about Ohio State, we suspected they would be first, though the others may have caused some to curse 

 Notre Dame lost a one seed after Pitino and company showed them the door, Louisville played hard and left it all on the floor

 As for Duke, they played in and stole a slot, Nolan Smith and crew today sure looked hot

 Can UConn continue on with its domination, relying on Kemba Walker the best player in the nation?

 And what of BYU, will Jimmer shoot and simmer, he could school us all with his basketball primer

 Go figure Villanova gets a bid despite self destruction, while other teams rallied the second half working on team construction

 They say this year there was a weak bubble, Colorado got ripped off never thought they would have trouble

 And we yet to know who will be the Cinderella team? the scrapy underdog who has but a dream.

 Will the Richmond spiders crawl up Vandy’s back? Watch out for Washington with Isaiha Thomas who plays without all the smack.

 Old Dominion, Xavier, Butler, George Mason to the Sweet Sixteen?  Hungry for wins, they play with grit, and make their opponents scream

 And what of my Hoyas, at a very low seed they were placed, Chris Wright has been cleared to play, now a different team in the race

 Watch out for Purdue who can be a spoiler, they may meet ND that would be a boiler

 St John’s will be at a disadvantage with the loss of DJ Kennedy, it is unlikely they will be able to find a remedy

The Kansas twins will show up, brother and brother, it will be hard to beat these guys to move on to another

How will we ever this week get any thing done? One of the most unproductive weeks of the year, fill out your bracket and enjoy the fun

So the field is set, whether your team made it or not, let the games begin, who will be the last one standing? may the best team win

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