Notre Dame: a 1 seed?, I think so

Now that you all have drank the punch and are believers, some, however, still insist on throwing cleavers

Tonight is the night to get on the Irish train, though the Northeast is being insanely drenched in torrential rain

Poetry in motion: Hansbrough, Abromaitis, Martin and Nash, if they were in the NBA they would say show me the cash

It’s but a small tasting of just what isyet to come, look out in the  tourney they will have top 10 teams on the run

So exciting to watch as they pull the trigger, much to the delight of ESPN but in particularly Digger.

Their pesky shooting guards, always a deadly threat, shooting the trey without breaking a sweat

Tell Coach Brey he needs to lose the turtleneck, a clothes makeover is in order, hey what the heck

As I patiently watch  you hunt (Cincy) bear ignoring the American Idol channel, such a fine tuned offense at times too much to handle

So keep it comin’ ND, we need you to represent us, please, we need a Big East team in the final four that makes hoop lovers weak in the knees

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4 Responses to Notre Dame: a 1 seed?, I think so

  1. Todd Gleeson says:

    Nice, Smash. YOU are poetry in motion. Thinking it out, I think it really would take three Plumlee brothers to take two Hansbroughs. Good luck to the Irish and I hope they don’t end up in our region…

  2. NYMessfan says:

    So coach Pitino had other plans. It will be interesting selections today. There are a lot of lousy teams on the bubble and OSU Duke and KS are definitely beatable so pick a big east team for the finals if you want to make bank. Watch out Hoyas, Wildcats and BYU-you’re in for an early exit. Gotta give a shout out to Long Island University as an upset too, because everything from LI is awesome(well except the Mets, and the Islanders, and the traffic, maybe I’ll shut up now).

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