Many a Beast in the Big East

Dedicated to the Big East Tourney:

Will we ever really know who might truly be the Beast?  All will come to the NY table this week and ravenously do feast

Big East critics often do dismiss us with a big “ha, ha”, but truth be told, we have a big a following that rivals Lady Gaga

I hear do tell there are a fewBig East teams west of Pittsburgh, too; Notre Dame, Louisville and Marquette, all can beat you on que

And which of these teams will go on this week to inevitably stumble, when the “sweet garden” of NYC magically turns into a jungle

So many teams will  soon be ready to leave it all on the floor, shooting 3’s, the almighty dunks, surely the fans they will not bore

Lightin’ it up, here we go and the “D” we will admire, with great anticipation I anxiously await the coachs’ attire

Oh, who will be the best dressed with impressive sartorial style, Rick Pittino, Jay Wright, JTIII, Bruce Pearl (Oops! wrong conference) not Buzz, in this arena,  just can’t go the mile

And oh, if  St. John’s Steve Lavin would only wear a tie, the refs would not “T” him up and eject him with a bye-bye

And look on as Notre Dame plays for perhaps a number 1 seed, now that Davies of BYU did do the dirty deed

We can’t wait for Hansbrough, who doesn’t need his brother, elitist throw back style of basketball play, we are used to seeing other

And what of our foe PITT with their leader Wannamaker, look out he is always there as their ultimate shot taker

No doubt St. John’s will show up with the aid of scrapy Hardy, what a welcomed addition he will be to this Big East party

Connecticut has alot on the line as they put their faith in Walker, they too, need to make a presence and not be just a stalker.

And of course, we await the athletic prowess of our hero, Austin Freeman, you can bet with his 3 point shot he might be just a’ steamin’

And what of Syracuse, who rely on the talent of Jackson, I am sure they will be in the thick of it, they always love the action

Watch out for Jae Crowder and the sleeper Marquette Golden Eagles, they play really tough and their fan base is as loyal as beagles 

Let’s not forget Fisher from Nova and Providence’s Brooks, they put up big numbers when they get the looks

West Virigina, unranked but lethal, as they look to repeat, they put the fear of God into those that they meet

You can bet Pitino will have his team in rare form, he likely advised the Cards cheerleaders to stick to their megaphone

And for those who will miss the tourney, oh how awful, Chris Wright on the sidelines nursing a fractured metacarpal

Heres’ to all the haters who think the Big East is overrated,  our play of basketball does its own talking without being overstated

So come on, light it up, Big East and give us what we for yearn, A prelude to the “big dance”, and watch the offenses burn.

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6 Responses to Many a Beast in the Big East

  1. NYMessfan says:

    Chris Wright and the 2 Coreys on Nova better get unhurt soon or their coaches better learn how to play without em or Gtown and Nova are 1 and done in both MSG next weekend and the big dance.

  2. GJMinDC says:

    Smashmouth Diva so rhythmic and cool.
    As far as medicine she sure is no fool.
    But her passion is sports you must be aware.
    Bet against her predictions and you’ll find yourself scared.
    Watch for her choices for the Final Four
    When the Diva speaks it ain’t no folk lore!

  3. Devil-T says:

    Smashmouth you’ve got the magic in you! This lifted my spirits after our loss at CH. The rhyme flows from you like a smooth Nolan Smith finger roll.

  4. Thanks T, tough loss for the blue devils.

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