Notre Dame: Is it time to drink the punch?

Hi everyone!

You either love ’em or you hate ’em..that’s how many feel about Notre Dame.  But after watching them school Nova tonight, you can’t help but love ’em.

Abromaitis and Hansbrough single-handedly put on a clinic tonight. They were ridiculous, spurred on by senior night, they didn’t disappoint. It was raining 3’s most of the night; a school record, their accuracy was unbelievable. A sight to behold, it was no contest.  Corey Stokes didn’t show up; Fisher’s outing was respectable, but no match for ND’s spectacular play.  As was mentioned tonight during the telecast, it is true that ND is reminiscent of a young Duke of yester-year.

Even Jay Wright’s stylish dress and good looks couldn’t help the Wildcats, they were no match for the Irish.  This outing doesn’t bode well for Nova as we approach the Big East tourney…but as we have been saying all year, in the Big East anyone could beat anyone on any given night.  But right now I am not sure Nova has it in them they are fading while ND looks like they could be a one seed.  At least tonight they looked like they could easily beat PITT.

I thought I was a little premature writing this as I started at half-time but it has only been getting worse…they need to stop the bleeding.  Just like I thought we might have to do when I saw my nephew at a tailgating party in South Bend poke a hole in a beer can with some kind of a blunt object and proceed to suck out its contents  oblivious to the fact that we were all looking on in awe and worrying that he might sustain a 3rd degree lac to his lip. 

So I think it is time for us all to “drink the punch”(of course without inserting a blunt object into a can),  we are believers, followers and ND is for real and will make for some exciting times over the next few weeks.

Dedicated to my colleagues  and ND alumni: Mark C. and Tyler W. and of course, my irascible nephew Beau (who thinks he can shoot the 3 and beat me in HORSE), a sophomore at ND.  See even a Hoya can appreciate good basketball and show ND some love even if you have that impish little leprechaun as your mascot (no match for Jack the bulldog).

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4 Responses to Notre Dame: Is it time to drink the punch?

  1. TQ says:

    Love this! Keep it up Smashmouthdiva. I’m forwarding this post to my ‘Nova-grad brother who will probably both love it and hate it.. TQ

  2. G8RSummerlee says:

    Well, I guess it is March so let the trash talking begin. It’s called shotgunning….you Georgetown alums are way too studious for that. Shotgunning is also a term for blowing holes in JT3’s D like the Gators would bring should they meet up in the tourney. Macklin would own his old team!!!

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