The secret to St. John’s success: Havin’ Lavin

Hi everyone!

Tuesday is March 1st…Let the Madness begin:

An Ode to St. John’s:

We thought it was a fluke when they knocked off Duke,

But we all now say, they ain’t going away,

Since December a surge, knocking off the best, will they continue their quest without need for a rest?

As we watch the mighty as they one by one fall, the Red Storm is playing their best basketball,

As March so quickly is already upon us, Coach Lavin better keep his cool without but a cus

We have longed for the great days of Coach Lou Carnescecca, now with Coach Lavin he may indeed lead them to Mecca,

Because he is not afraid at times to take the “T”, he coaches with such passion to the delight of you and me,

The kids from Philly (transplanted to NY) should not disappoint with such enthusiasm we do anoint,

The RPI does not always tell the tale, these scrappy guys with such guts and fortitude to others will not fail,

So our hats off  to the Red Storm, though a Hoya in my heart, as a Big East fan my loyalty I can not part,

Watch out for these guys as we approach the ” big dance”, if they keep playing this way others haven’t got a chance.

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4 Responses to The secret to St. John’s success: Havin’ Lavin

  1. eProducer says:


  2. NYMessfan says:

    Ahh poetry. I cried. Nice to have some NYC hoops back in the big east, its been way too long. (and how bout those knicks?)Was hoping for a lower seed so I could make bank in my bracket when they upset their way to an elite 8 spot, we’ll see now that they are in the spotlight.

    • Yeah, we will see how they do now that they blew up during the Seton Hall game the other night. I’m pulling for them.
      If you like poetry, stay tuned for my next posting later today. I think you will like it.


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